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“Those, that cross the sea, change the sky, but not the soul.”


Millennium later, nothing has changed. The thirst for knowledge and discovery of other countries, unknown till now, has not abandoned the inhabitants of the modern, globalized world.

About two decades ago, thousands of Ukrainians left their homeland in a search of a better life, choosing Portugal. With true Ukrainian determination, we began to discover this wonderful, welcoming, incredibly beautiful and unknown to us, portuguese land. Without even realizing it, we fell in love with it and decided to stay.

One day, we came to the idea to carry out the experiment in the tourism industry, accumulated over the years. The idea to realize a dream, that we cherished in our hearts: holiday organizing and conducting for our compatriots and Ukrainians worldwide. We, immigrants, know as no one better, comforting, magic feeling the moment we hear our mother language, thousands of kilometers away from home.

Thus was born the tourist company UP Travel Ukraine – Portugal Travel.

We provide all our knowledge of history, architecture, geography, culture, customs and gastronomy – everything, that so well characterizes this small country – once the world’s largest empire.

We undertake to organize excursions, tours, leisure, shopping, corporate events and more.

If you are in Portugal on vacation or on a business trip, do not miss the opportunity to visit many places in a short period of time.

Our goal is to satisfy all your desires.

Transport services, excursions and tours are conducted in the modern, comfortable vehicles, equipped with the air conditioning, and with compulsory insurance for all passengers.

The UP Travel provides services in Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese and English. If requested, we hire professionals, fluently speaking in desired languages.

Discover Portugal with the Ukrainians!