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Lisbon is the most western european capital, the pearl of Portugal, a city with almost 3000 years of history. Travelers love this city for several reasons: local colour, unique atmosphere, delicious cuisine, proximity to the ocean and mild climate. Lisbon was elected the “Best Destination City” and the “Best Destination City Break” by the World Travel Awards (WTA) in 2018 and 2019.

In the era of great geographical discoveries Lisbon was among the most important European capitals, surpassing them for development, luxury, and ostentation. The city of unique “lace” architecture and a record number of stairs seemed to flow from seven hills to the marble embankment. Empire flourished – thousands of ships with gold, precious stones, silk, chocolate, spices, and slaves annually come to the harbour of the River Tagus.

However, everything has changed on the Day of All Saints, on the morning of November 1, 1755. The terrible earthquake followed by huge tsunami wave and one-week devastating fire afterwards turned town into the ruins taking tens of thousands of human lives. Hundreds of famous palaces, libraries and churches was destroyed as well as seventy thousand buildings in total. Volumes and manuscripts, creations of Rubens, Titian and Caravaggio, diaries of Vasco da Gama were irretrievably lost. Within the next few decades, the city was enterically reborn from the ashes. From the “old” Lisbon remained not only Alfama district with narrow winding streets built by the Moors, but many other monuments of the Middle ages – Lisbon Cathedral, São Jorge Castle, São Vicente ChurchÁguas Livres Aqueduct with worlds  larges stones arch, magnificents Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower, rebuilt and restored stone by stone to its original appearance. Two dozen viewpoints offer unforgettable views over several neighbourhoods in Lisbon and over Tagus River.

Today Lisbon is the city, where mixed all known architectural styles, and it is clearly divided into historical areas with their colour, structure, and specific people. Endowed with hundreds of hotels and apartments for all tastes and wallets, thousands of restaurants with excellent food and the best wine in the world (portuguese, of course), commerce and tourist attractions – Lisbon conquers the soul and melts the hearts on a very first visit.