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January 18 of 2018 was a remarkable day. Portuguese surfer Hugo Vau has surfed the biggest wave in the world of, imagine, 35 meters, at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, breaking a previous record of 30 meters, established by the famous Garrett McNamara.

Nazaré – once a fishing village, now world famous as a surfing Mecca, right on the Atlantic coast, 130 km north of Lisbon.

To discover Nazaré is to lose yourself in its narrow streets, to stroll along the immense golden sand, to admire the clothesline where the fish dries. It is to climb the centenary Ascensor and enjoy the stunning panorama from the Sítio viewpoint, visit a unique surf museum. It is to stop to eat a very fresh grilled fish, a succulent stew or delicious seafood in one of the many restaurants in the village overlooking the sea. It is falling in love at a sunset and believing in giants with the waves of Praia do Norte.

Vibrant, sporty, lively, for holidays, leisure, or outings, Nazaré has all the charms to be visited during your stay in Portugal.