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Obidos is the most romantic city in Portugal, which completely preserved its medieval views. Remaining within the boundaries of the fortress wall, the city is a true exhibit of an open-air museum and declared a national monument of world heritage, also known as the “Wedding Present”. The thing is that it was a gift from King Don Dinis I to Queen Isabel on the day of their wedding in 1282. Many Portuguese monarchs spent here a honeymoon, and the queens willingly relaxed while their men were engaged in public affairs.

Obidos is a town with incredibly picturesque cobblestone streets, with colourful buildings, decorated with geranium and bougainvillea, gothic doors and windows, white churches, surrounded by 13-meter walls of XII century castle – ideal place to admire the panoramic views of the city.
Here is the Church of Santa Maria, built on the site of the Visigothic church of the VIII century, where the 10-year-old King Afonso V married his 8-year-old cousin Isabel in 1444.

Every July there are celebrations that recreate the Medieval Market of  Óbidos  with music, knights, witches, and theatrical performances.

Since 2002, during the International Chocolate Festival, Obidos becomes the world’s capital of chocolate, where the most incredible chocolate products and sculptures are presented.