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For many centuries, the Templar legacy is shrouded in mystery. Once the most powerful Christian knights were judged, banned and persecuted across the Europe. All over Europe, except in Portugal. They came in the XII century and remained here until the middle of XIX century.
Today in Portugal there are more than a ten Templar castles in a perfect condition. Most eminent and world famous – Castle of  Tomar, later renamed to Convent of Christ.

Tomar was founded on March 1, 1160, it was here that the Order of the Templars established its headquarters and built the Convento de Cristo, a work that took eight centuries to complete. Due to its incalculable historical value in 1983 Castelo de Tomar was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

Some say that the Holy Grail could be hidden somewhere out there.

Tomar is just half an hour driving from Fátima and Nazaré and is a mandatory stopover point in the Middle Tejo itineraries.